“Zil” lost? Germany international gives up on Arsenal title chances!

Having earlier acknowledged, though with the faintest glimpse of hope there is, that Arsenal still have a chance to pull a surprise title win, Ozil now seems to have been hit with the reality, and he agrees it is all over. Just a fortnight ago, prior to the game against Everton away from home, the 27-year-old reechoed Hector Bellerin’s title aspirations following the defeat to Barcelona that saw them miss out on their Champions League dreams. As the team faces Watford at the Emirates, and still 11 points behind Leicester City with a game at hand, Mesut declares Arsenal “screwed up” a perfect chance to win the title this season.

And very true, the North London side were clear favorites amongst the usual suspects this season, and this “opportunity” might not come again in a long while. Wenger, as expected, however, disagrees with the best player of his squad. The French tactician claims such level of truth and reality isn’t welcome, and he hopes to talk to Ozil and his teammates about not giving up until it is all over. Typical Wenger! Despite Ozil’s admission looking like a statement at the wrong time, it can’t be denied he isn’t far from the truth.

For sure, Leicester and Tottenham will drop points in their remaining fixtures. But so will Arsenal, even though they have the easiest run of matches left. It is too late to hope. Maintaining the top-four finish should be club’s ambition for now, and with the trio of City, West Ham and United just 4 and 5 points away respectively, a chance of an upset happening is greater, compared to Arsenal’s chances of closing up on 11 point-gap away from the top.

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