[VIDEO] “The finances are involved in it, yes!”: Wenger verdict on the fate of Arsenal duo

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger Press ConferenceAll smiles ahead of their trip to Selhurst Park: Is Wenger's time at Arsenal coming to a close?

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger spoke to the reporters ahead of his Monday night clash against Crystal Palace. The Frenchman was bombarded with questions regarding his future at the club. The situation of star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil ahead of a decisive summer also hangs in the balance.



The reporters tried beating around the bush in an attempt to extract some information on his future. Arsene however was determined not to reveal any early secrets.

The Gunners’ boss was asked if there was an offer on the table from the Arsenal board.

“I spoke enough about that.”

“I cannot tell you anything more than what I said many times, you know. I can understand that the subject is maybe of interest, but for me what is of interest is what’s happening on the football pitch.”

Wenger also stated that the announcement will come “from the board” and not him.

The time of the announcement is still a mystery as he made sure he did not let anything away easily.

“I cannot tell you now because I don’t know. I’m focused on our next game.”

The contract negotiations of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil have also been doing the rounds in the media off late. However, Arsene was quick to shrug off the news and the fans would be delighted to hear his say on the situation.

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“I believe that he basically wants to stay at the club, and it’s down to finding an agreement with his agent.”

“The players have to first see whether they are happy at the club. Most of the time it’s down to finding an agreement and the finances are involved in it, yes.”


“He cares. What I wanted to say in that is that people often reproach him by saying that he doesn’t care because of his style of play, but he cares much more than people think he does.”

Arsenal fans would hope the Gunners do not end up doing a Van Persie again as Sanchez as been linked to their London rivals Chelsea. The future of the pair holds key for Arsenal Football Club in their plans for the future. Wenger is most likely to depart his beloved club after fresh rumors have linked former player and club legend Thierry Henry with the coveted job.