Top 10 MOST Expensive Football Shoes

10. NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM PREMIUM FG – $180Nike Hypervenom Phantom Premium FG

These Nike soccer cleats were inspired and created for Neymar to wear during the 2014 World Cup tournament.

Offers incredible flexibility, comfort and texture to make the player feel confident and ready to win.

They are exceptionally comfortable too, most players have compared them to the feeling of slipping on socks when wearing them plus they offer great precision and support high speeds.


9. Adidas Men’s Predator Instinct Knight Pack FG Soccer Cleat – $200Adidas Men’s Predator Instinct Knight Pack FG Soccer Cleat

These are just not expensive soccer cleats they are extremely comfortable power cleats. 

Though they are quite attractive, don’t mistake their looks for lack of quality, on the contrary, they offer more benefits than most, they are a great option for defenders and midfielders.

8. NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY FG – $200Nike Mercurial Superfly FG

The Nike Superfly FG are high profile shoes designed to deliver incredible high speed, great grip, and traction when sprinting away as well as great comfort. These cleats are a must have a pair for any soccer player willing to go over and beyond to up their game in the field.

7. NIKE MEN’S MERCURIAL VAPOR X FG – $200Nike Men’s Mercurial Vapor X FG

Let’s discuss what makes these cleats awesome. For starters, these cleats are made from an ultra-soft material and a mixture of leather and synthetic which makes this soccer cleats highly comfortable yet durable.

The ACC technology helps this cleats to keep the player balanced and stable in any kind of weather even though the ground is wet while still maintaining high speeds.

6. NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II SE-FG – $200Nike Hypervenom Phantom II SE-FG

These cleats allow the player to bolt out at lightning speed as well as hold your firm to the ground and keep you balanced and stable when you need it most.

The interior of these cleats is made from breathable material and enough space that will allow your feet to feel relaxed as you play.

5. ADIDAS PREDATOR LZ TRX FG MEN’S SOCCER CLEAT – $ 220Adidas Predator Lz TRX Fg Men's Soccer Cleat

Coming at slightly over $200, these cleats are designed to win. Intricately designed with Predator technology, these cleats have the ability to give the player an upper hand of 5 lethal zones on the surface of the cleats where one can control the ball with ease. These cleats are not only comfortable but lightweight too hence can be carried around with ease to offer great performance.

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4. ADIDAS PDS X FIRM GROUND -$240Adidas PDS X Firm Ground

Adidas PDS X is a soccer cleat that stands out and screams classy style in all ways. Earnestly, Adidas teamed up with the giant luxury car brand Porsche to create a custom made shoe that has the ability to allow the player to run at a lightning speed. Impressive right?

3. NIKE MAGISTA OBRA SE-FG – $250Nike Magista Obra SE-FG

One of their most praised features is the ACC technology (All Conditions Control) which controls the temperature thus being a great advantage to any player playing during summer or winter. You will also have the advantage of the Fly knit technology for more comfort and a foam padding from the back of the ankle to the bottom of the heel, which gives the player more stability while playing.


2. ADIDAS MEN’S F50 ADIZERO – $ 250Adidas Men’s F50 Adizero


These cleats were worn by Lionel Messi at the 2014 games. These explosive cleats are designed to give you a boost of speed acceleration when you need it to score.

These soccer cleats are made of leather for durability and synthetic material for comfort benefits on the skin. These Adidas cleats are designed to offer the player firm support and stability on the ground while maintaining high-speed levels

1. NIKE MERCURIAL SUPER FLY IV CR7 FG – $ 300Nike Mercurial Super Fly IV CR7 FG

The most expensive cleats in the world were originally designed and fashioned to be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo. At first glance, these football boots bluster the brilliant flame design which reflects the spirit of the player to take on the world.

These Cleats are designed with the FlyKnit NikeSkin Technology that gives the player the feeling of playing barefoot which helps the player play with much detailed precision and stability of the ball.

Other than that, their studded pattern at the bottom gives the player a nice grip and traction even on wet grounds giving you an extra boost of push you need to perform exceptionally.