Revealed: The singular reason that will make Mourinho join Manchester United this Summer

Louis van Gaal, Ryan Giggs, Mourinho or a-yet-to-be-known managerial figure? It is not still certain who will be at the Old Trafford dugout next season. Not the club or the media can give out a name at the moment, and as the uncertainty continues to grow, Portuguese tactician and erstwhile Chelsea coach, Jose Mourinho wants to know his fate as earlier as possible. Verbally, he has been assured of taking charge of the Red Devils next season, but he wants more.

The 56-year-old wants a written document to the effect, and only with that will he choose to remain out of a job till Summer. With United linked with the veteran handler since his sack at the Stamford Bridge, it has been impossible for suitors to approach him, as it is widely believed he already has something concrete with the Old Trafford outfit. And at the risk of missing out on other big offers if not eventually appointed as LVG successor, Mourinho isn’t ready to lose at both ends.

His management has been in doubt as regards his United’s future after Sir Alex Ferguson publicly backed the current handler to remain at the club days ago. Sir Bobby Charlton is also not a big fan of the Portuguese, and the fears over what could happen to the club if he is appointed remain because of the circumstances with which he left Real Madrid and Chelsea. Mourinho’s saving grace will be the Glazer family, and the club’s Executive Vice Chairman, Ed Woodward. It is believed that they know Mourinho can deliver the goods, but they will need to put an offer into writing.

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