Revealed: Here is how Jordan Henderson wants to make sure he is fit for the Europa League finals

Winning an European cup in 11 years will be a great achievement for any club, and no player would want to miss out of the actions that lead to such moment by watching from the v.i.p stands. That was supposed to be Jordan Henderson’s lot when he picked up a calf injury during the 1 – 1 draw at Germany against Dortmund in the first leg of the Europa quarterfinals. He was ruled out of the season and was not even sure of featuring for England at the Euros, but recent developments could see all that not happen. The Liverpool skipper has stepped up rehabilitation process and has a greater chance of making it to the match day squad next Wednesday in Basel.

As revealed by This is Anfield, the midfielder will most likely be featured in the club’s final league game against West Brom on Saturday after Klopp’s revelation. The player himself gave a hint as to why making the finals is possible,

“I’ve worked hard. I’ve done everything I’ve been asked to do. The medical team have been fantastic to get me back as quickly and as safely as possible. There were doubts about making the final. We knew it would be close but in the last week or two I’ve progressed really well. I’m feeling stronger all the time. I’m looking good so far but there are still a few days to go. Hopefully I will be even stronger by the time the final comes round.”

Emre Can was also thought to be out of the season but got inspired by the prospects of winning the Cup, making him to work hard. And that seems to be the driving force behind Henderson’s fast recovery. However, not to risk his fitness for the Euros 2016, both coach and player aren’t too keen to rush him back to action, and he admits winning the trophy is the main thing, regardless of who wins it. Brace yourself James Milner.

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