No Manchester United job? No Problem! Fifa hands Mourinho top job

While the managerial talents of Jose Mourinho has been unused since last year, it still can’t be said they have gone rusty. The Portuguese has had to wait forever for the Manchester United job that looks forthcoming this minute, and almost elusive the next. One man is deciding to take the opportunity while the wait goes on by giving Mourinho another job. Indonesia and some other lowly-ranked football country have approached Jose to have him coach them, but it has to be definitely out of mere wishes, daydreams or publicity stunts. (New) Fifa’s president, Gianni Infantino isn’t joking, and he wants Jose to manage a team.

In his mission to clean up Fifa following the disgraceful revelations that led to Blatter’s sack, Gianni Infantino wants to use football, the playing and not the administrative aspect as a medium to clean up things. As revealed by The Daily Mail, a 200-man/woman squad of retired footballers turned legends will be playing charity matches around the world, and no other coach is deemed fit to lead them but Jose Mourinho. Regular suspects like Figo and Seedorf will be part of the team. A game that features the male and female Fifa Legends team will be played against the Mexico All Stars in the Azteca Stadium tomorrow, May 11th, and it would be Mourinho on the touchline. United can hold on to their dear job maybe?