“Liverpool outsiders for Top 4 finish”, says former Anfield legend

Jamie Carragher has ruled out Liverpool’s chances of qualifying for Champions League next season following the embarrassing defeat against Hull.

Liverpool are currently fifth in the League having failed to win a single game in the Premier League this year. The Reds were left frustrated following yet another defeat against a team from the bottom of the table. Liverpool faced a shocking 3-2 defeat against Swansea earlier in the week and followed it with a resilient 1-1 draw against Blues midweek. After helping the Swans move out of the relegation zone, it was Klopp’s opportunity to pull out another act of Robin Hood, this time for Tigers.

“I imagine after the weekend they’ll be outside the top four and they will be outsiders now,” Carragher told Sky Sports. Jamie added, “Liverpool have got the sixth-best squad in the league for me, but I think the quality of the manager puts them where they are.”

Carragher was critical of Klopp lacking a plan B for his team suggesting that it has become easy for opposition to defeat the Reds. Carra questioned the exclusion of Gini Wijnaldum from the squad, who had scored in the previous game midweek. He was also not happy with the midfield two consisting of woeful Can and skipper Henderson.

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  1. I am sure Kloppo will pull up some fine strings from his hood. He always has. I guess that’s why he was signed for in the first place. As for Caraggher, what happens in MNF stays in MNF. I am certain that management is as complex as rocket science …

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