Are Arsenal in danger of losing their players?

According to BBC news, Arsenal’s players are being approached by other clubs. This is hurting Arsenal’s Premier League title.

Arsenal’s manager. Arsène Wenger, has been under a lot of pressure as it is well imaginable. Their latest Premier League title was in 2004, and previously in 2002. It has been a long time since their victory in 2004, but many are optimistic about Arsenal’s future.

For both their team members and their manager Wenger, latest criticisms makes it even harder for the players to perform.

Despite Wenger having a reputation for failing to win, he stays hopeful for the future calims they are in a better position.

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Wenger: “In 2010, I would say we lost it because the spirit was not exactly what it should be because of individual tap ups. At the moment, on the spirit front we are all right.” This motivation by the manager can help boost Arsenal’s performance as it h been proven how drastic the importance of a leader’s thought process are.

Two seasons ago, Arsenal were defeated by Liverpool 5-1, which resulted in Arsenal ending up in 4th place.