Revealed: Another Arsenal star who will leave The Emirates in the summer

Gunners French manager has admitted that Spanish midfielder Mikel Arteta is ready to join Pep Guardiola at the Etihad next term.

Sportsmail revealed few days ago that Arsenal star had received a solid offer from Spanish manager to join his coaching team next term.

Frenchman admits Arteta could join The Citizens, claiming: “It’s possible. It’s true that he is out of contract here.

“His contract finishes here. It’s a good opportunity for me to thank him for his contribution not only as a player but as a leader. I heard about that possibility (of going to City) but he is able to inform you much better than I. He is free to decide to do what he wants, he will certainly need some time to reflect on whether he continues to play. I still think he can play, in the last months he has come back to a very good physical level and he is a position today where he can continue to play and he would be a very good player.”

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Wenger also confirmed that he was reluctant to dish out coaching roles to the ex-footballers as he is unable to create “artificial positions” at the team.

“You want your former players to be at the club but you also need the positions to fill. You cannot create artificial positions at the club. If you have coaches in the Under 16s, Under 15s and Under 14s who are very good, you will not kick them out to make room for players who want to coach. If we have positions available, we always give a good chance to the players who played here.

“Let’s not forget I’ve given the opportunity to many, many players to obtain their licence here, to educate them. After that maybe there will be someone else. We always open the door to give them an opportunity to be educated. After that we need the positions available to give them the job.” – Wenger added


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