12 Interesting Facts About Arsenal FC That You Should Know

10. Arsenal FC owes their colors to Nottingham Forest. Back in the days a group of players from Arsenal approached their former club for spare kits and in a show of generosity, Forest obliged and gave them kits dipped in red. So even many decades later, the colors of Arsenal FC have stayed the same and have not been changed.

Arsenal FC 2015-2016 Puma Home Kit
Arsenal Football Club 2015-2016 Puma Home Kit


11. Between 1890 and 1900, Arsenal FC enjoyed local domination which naturally gave a more professional outlook to the club’s ambitions. Shocked at this the London football authorities expelled Arsenal from the London FA and that same year Arsenal FC changed their name to Woolwich Arsenal.

Arsenal FC name Woolwich Arsenal

12. Back in 1913, Arsenal FC moved to Highbury after they were relegated to the Second Division after they were able to win just one home game that season (only time in club’s history that they have been relegated) and within two years of their move up north, changed their name permanently to Arsenal FC.