12 Interesting Facts About Arsenal FC That You Should Know

7. In 1993 Arsenal became the first team to win both the FA Cup and League Cup double.
While its David O’Leary who holds the record for the most appearances for Arsenal, (722 appearances from 1975 to 1993) it was Arsenal legend Thierry Henry who has scored the maximum number of goals for the Arsenal team, he scored 226 goals in 369 games from 2000-07.

8. There is a fierce rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur as both clubs are neighbouring each other.

Arsenal Fc and Tottenham Hotspur
Arsenal Fc vs Tottenham Hotspur

9. While everyone knows the North London derby that is contested between Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspur every year is one of the oldest rivalries in football. It is also believed that the animosity between the two clubs is borne out of a scandal that happened during the World War. It is said that back in 1919 the FA was looking to increase number of clubs in the First Division and Henry Norris, had either bribed or influenced the FA to promote the club from Second Division to the First. Though this theory is not proved, it is believed that this promotion came at expense of many other clubs that also included Tottenham Hotspurs.